Video Series: Aluminium Fuel Tanks

In this video I make my own Lotus Europa S1 style fuel tanks to replace the non-original tank in #460002.

Video Series: Restoring instruments

In this video we'll take a look at how I restored the original instruments from my 1967 Lotus Europa.

Video Series: Coolant transfer pipes

In this video I am fabricating new aluminium coolant transfer pipes that will carry the coolant from the engine to the front mounted radiator and back to the water pump ...

Video Series

Video Series: Refinishing wooden shifter knob

In this video I'l show you how I refinished and restored the ...

Video Series: Aluminium heater tubing

In this video we will replace the original, rusted, heater tubing with ...

Video Series: Restoring the steering rack

In this episode we'll take a look at how to restore the ...

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Video Series: Fabricating coolant swirl pot

In this video I explain how I went about fabricating an aluminium swirl pot using the original one as a template.

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Lotus Europa S1: Refurbishing driveshafts

In this post I’ll show you how I restored the rear driveshafts of my 1967 Lotus Europa S1, including the modifications that I made to them.

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Video Series: Assembling the rear suspension

In this video I explain how to assemble the rear suspension, including the dreaded stub axles.

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