Racing: Gordon Finest Race Zolder

The opening weekend of the 2010 Belgian circuit racing season was on 10 and 11 April. I got my hands on some free tickets and went to check out what this new season is all about.

I have to warn you in advance, because I couldn’t take my good camera so I didn’t take many pictures and the quality is below average. Let’s continue.

Four different championships should have had their first races this weekend, but the Dunlop British Open races were cancelled because there are many ‘Gentlemen drivers’ in their league and most of them hadn’t had the chance to take their Racing License exams so their field wasn’t full.

The other three championships are the ‘Belcar Endurance Championship’, the ‘Belgian Touring Car Series’ and the ‘Belgian Historic Cup’.

Belcar Endurance Championship

Cars: GT3, GT4 & other GT cars
Race: 150 minutes
Tracks: Zolder & Spa-Francorchamps

Belgian Touring Car Series

Cars: Touring cars and silhouettes
Race: twice 90 minutes in a race weekend
Tracks: Zolder, Spa-Francorchamps & Dijon-Prenois

Belgian Historic Cup

Cars: Oldtimers & youngtimers
Race: 30 minutes
Tracks: Zolder, Spa-Francorchamps, Nürburgring & Mettet

I could only stay for a couple of hours, so I missed the races of the BHC and both races of the BTCS. I did however manage to see most of the Belcar race.

Belcar results:

01. Goossens-Soulet (Porsche 911 GT3R – ProSpeed Competition) 93 laps
02. Verbist-Longin (Audi R8 LMS – W Racing Team) +1:32.385
03. Haane-Van Lagen (Porsche 911 GT3 Cup S – First Motorsport) + 1 lap
04. Bouvy-Coens (Ferrari F430 GT3 Ferrari Brussels) + 1 lap
05. Wauters-Van Hooydonk (Dodge Viper Competition Coupe – Viage KRK Racing) + 1 lap
06. Wauters-Heylen (Dodge Viper Competition Coupe – Viage KRK Racing) + 1 lap
07. Thiers-Thiers (Ferrari F430 GT3 – Scuderia Monza) + 2 laps
08. Derdaele-Derdaele (Porsche – Belgium Racing) + 4 laps
09. Van Elslander-Van Oost (Mosler MT900 R – Mext Racing Team) + 4 laps
10. Renard-Verbergt (Aston Martin DBRS9 GT3 BRS – Aston Martin Racing) + 5 laps
11. De Coster-Langeberg (Porsche 911 GT3 Supercup – Speedlover Racing) + 5 laps
12. Mattheus-Redant (Porsche 997 Supercup – Level Racing) + 6 laps
13. Gelade-Muller-Sandora (Porsche GT – ProSpeed Freeman) + 7 laps
14. Lumbeeck-Kenis (BMW 130i – G&A Racing) + 9 laps
15. Beckers-Van Samang (BMW 130 GTR – MSE) + 9 laps
16. Aerts-Schreurs (Porsche 996 GT3 Cup – Autokrant Racing) + 9 laps
17. Beliën-Cuyvers (BMW 120D – Beliën Motorsport) + 10 laps
18. Sluys-Renmans (BMW 130i – BMW Team Romein) + 12 laps
19. Pampel-Werckx (Ultima GTR – Euroracing) + 13 laps
20. Dierckx-Beyers-Deckers (BMW GT Z3M – G&R Motorsport) + 13 laps

Fastest lap: De Laet – Lagrange (Lamborghini Gallardo GT3) in 1:33.095


This is the 1965 Porsche 911 racecar of Luc Geebelen (PorscheRacing). The bodywork was completely redone in the previous months after it was in a crash in the Spa Six Hours last September. I liked it better with the darker stripe, but it remains a beautiful car. Thanks for the drinks once again!

Next race weekend I’ll try to be there and bring my good camera. This will have to do for now.



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